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Step 3: Enjoy

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How to:

This page lets you de-censor images using DeepCreamPy, an AI powered tool developed by deeppomf. The images uploaded will be saved to improve the algorithm.

In order to use this application you must upload a PNG image, and then highlight the censored region in green using the painting tool on the site. If you'd like to highlight the image in your own application, ensure that it's done in green(0,255,0). It is important not to use anti-aliasing when doing this highlighting as it can interfere with the de-censoring process. If you want to edit the image yourself you can use photoshop or gimp.

Using the editor:

To use the built in editor upload your image and then use the controls section to select the size of brush that you would like to use. If the image doesn't load initially or you make a mistake while filling in the censored region, press the load/reload button to reload it.

Smartphone and touch users:

You can draw with one finger and pan the image with two fingers!

Limitations and bugs:

These will not work: Censorship of anus, Animated gifs/videos, Censorship of nipples, Real life porn, Hentai with screentones (e.g. printed hentai), Black and white/Monochrome image.
Sometimes the engine will trow out a image with your green colored edit on it, if that happens something messed up. We're investigating why this is happening, if it does just try again.

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